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Project Management and Collaboration

Collaboration and visibility are at the center of all supply chain requirements. Mid-market businesses look for supply chains that are agile, brings the capability of quickly responding to shifts in supply, production and demand.



But the reality is that current systems cannot always be rapidly adapted to fulfil this vision; such changes generally require great expense and long implementation timeframes. The cloud-oriented architecture of Onometra’s SCM solution, enable companies to more rapidly respond to market and operational impetus, reduce the lag time and the investment needed to make technological improvements while preserving (and, in fact, optimizing) the investments of the past. The benefits, we believe, are significant.

Onometra Solution

In the new world order of project management and collaboration, here are some of the, under the hood, tools and leverages that Onometra solution supports:

Critical Path – In the

Critical path technique, the shortest and most effective way of performing the project tasks is calculated by using certain mathematical procedures.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts encompasses all the details about every step along with the identified time given for every step.

Risk Management Plan

The plan involves the development of various risk management and mitigation strategies, particularly important for those projects which are exposed to greater risk.


Budget is helps you to get maximum results by using minimum resources. Budgets are made throughout the life time of project.


We haven’t said it, but according to the market experts, brainstorming is the least complicated and highly efficient project management tool that enables you to generate innovative ideas.

Fishbone Diagrams

A Fishbone diagram helps us to achieve our project goals and objectives. Fishbone diagram is divided in to two parts. One part shows the causes of any problem while the other shows its effects. The ribs of fish shows sub causes.