Next-gen Bespoke SCM

Today, supply chain management involves a lot more than processes to plan, control and track product movement across different functions. advanced data and analytics technologies are disrupting the way supply chains are managed. Connected technologies generate large volumes of incremental data are that can be an inlet and outlet to supply chains. Further increased collaboration between OEMs, suppliers and customers across the supply chain will make converting data into an asset more complex.

At Onometra, our offering includes:

  • Supply chain optimization assessments to identify value opportunities across the entire supply chain from supplier to end-customer
  • Comprehensive and end-to-end system implementation and integration services

As a part of our next generation supply chain platform, we are concentrating on the top 3 value drivers, additionally we also provide solutions for sustainability, minimizing risk and procurement organization.

  • Maximum delivery performance
    • Collaborative planning with key suppliers
    • Collaboration with key customers on planning (e.g., effective forecasting)
    • Order fulfilment cycle-time reduction improve information flow Minimising costs (93%)
  • Decreased manufacturing costs through reduction of wastes
    • Inventory reduction
    • Decreased overhead costs through increased labour productiveness
  • Maximum volume flexibility and responsiveness
    • End-to-end supply chain planning and visibility
    • Regional supply chain set-up
    • Internal capacity flexibility
    • Complexity management
    • Support for making to order
    • Implementing inventory policies distinguished by product family and storage location