We, at Onometra believe that the world is a sphere of tightly related technologies of distributed software, cryptography, autonomous agents and AI. In the area of cryptography, Distributed Ledger Technology based Blockchains, are transforming the way people do business in the real world. The ability to record all transactions among mistrusting collaborative parties, without the need for a financial intermediary like a bank, is giving rise to various types of business models, that rely on transparency, immutability and 100% trustworthy nature of the central blockchain implementation.


Onometra Blockchain solution is targeted to the MSME and SMB segment, it brings together the flexibility of bespoke development with tried and tested implementation of permissioned, decentralized and encrypted multi-chains with options of, on or off chain storage and powered by custom developed framework of smart contracts. We specialize in building blockchain based solution architectures for FinTech, SCM, Pharma and other supply chain related areas.

Our expertise lies in using Hyperledger Fabric with distributed logic processing based on a "chaincode architecture, supporting private channels, rich queries with JSON and CouchDB and HSM powered protection of digital keys and other sensitive data. Our mode of working is to understand detailed needs of the client and then developing a custom architecture that covers the agreed upon requirements along with stretch goals.