Project management and collaboration

The Information flow and Goods flow Problem :

A client enterprise was facing serious issues due to lack of tight coupling between their CRM, Online and Offline Sales Channel, , Sales and Order, Accounts and Customer Support, resulting in sub-par performance regarding critical activities like data stream integrations, allocation of further actions, real-time performance monitoring, automatic intervention, and in-depth analytics.

Salient Features of the solution:

  • Customer Lifecycle management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Geo tagged multi location inventory and warehouse management
  • AI based business flow and role management
  • Mobility based sales force and order management
  • High quality Business Intelligence
  • End to end audit trail Design

Ono-Components Used

Track and Trace Manager, Message Bus, Connectors, Listeners, Task Manager, Analytics Engine

Onometra Impact:

An integrated resource management solution was delivered to XYZ that enabled them to have a holistic view of information and goods flow resulting in the overall operational efficiency of the enterprise. Track and Trace Manager was employed for correctly gauging the goods flow. Then a mesh of Connectors and Listeners was created around the Message Bus for integrating the diverse information flows in the enterprise into one consistent flow, thereby enabling the harmonization of actionable tasks in the enterprise. Subsequently a Task Manager was delegated to allocate the tasks across the organization and an Analytics Engine was deployed for efficient performance monitoring and automatic intervention.

Systems and architecture

A microservices based implementation of the business process management platform with Node.js framework along with integrated Web and mobile app based service delivery channels. Hybrid database architecture for heterogeneous data management. Use of deep learning technologies and conversational agents for business process optimization and automation. The solution was deployed and delivered from Linux based AWS platform with Docker support following DevOps practices.

Software technology stack

Server side
Client side