How we work

We, as industry veterans, are shamelessly addicted to the thrill of cracking business problems and passionately developing software to solve challenging real world issues. By DNA, we are a restless, jumpy organization, we believe, in order to measure up, we need to constantly invest in passionate people with a diverse set of professional skills and human attributes that slowly build our company's desired landscape. We have an internal environment of learning and knowledge sharing within the organization at all levels, set a core goal of nurturing local talents, exposing them to challenging problems and cutting-edge technologies through continuous development programs, we believe it is bound to yield sustained business and human value for all involved. YOU are most welcome to join us.

Some of our practices

  • Agile Delivery through Agile-SCRUM model,

  • Single Point Of Contact,

  • Sharp cadence of communication

  • Dynamically resourced teams, assigned flexibly in terms of junior-to-senior ratio and according to expertise,technical requirements and delivery milestones

  • All engineers and in-house professionals, are screened through stringent requirement process

  • We structure our solutions to ensure privacy protection of the business IP of each our clients

  • Use of professional grade infrastructure and access to latest technologies