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Future of eCommerce: Compressing the Online-Offline Gap

Physical stores will partner with the online counterparts to boost the customer service and improve sales figures. Now you must be wondering how it is possible, and what will be the impact on the sales figure? To understand this approach, first you need to fathom the strength and lacuna of both the sales channels. eCommerce

Emotional Design : 101

Human are full of emotions. On seeing something beautiful and interesting they are attracted to it. Frightening things make their heart beat faster, hands clench in fear. While designing, you need to consider the human characteristics and specifically the riot of emotions they face. It is important for designers to build a deep emotional connection

Supply Chains will think for themselves, but will your CTO?

If we stop to slip into the figurative shoes of the CTO of a modern enterprise, his quandaries become apparent quite soon. Starting from his buddies at the conference, to his doctor at the chamber, from his brother over beer, not to mention his technical lead and a dozen developers, everybody quizzes him frequently on

Big boy super-games

Looking at announcements of a few recent partnerships around distributed ledger and supply chain, we wonder if indeed the overlap of AI and Blockchain is truly going to shape our world? By “world”, yes, we mean do our day to day lives, after all when you hear investments on part of companies like Mitsui and

Traceability and the changing the face of Pharma/FnB

In today’s business environment, the ability to “Track and Trace” is becoming an increasingly urgent necessity and a key differentiator in many industries, the most successful cases in point being the FnB and Pharmaceutical sectors. Track and Trace can be broadly defined as the capability to determine present and past locations of products through the