About Us

At Onometra, we assert meaningful choices, advocate responsible values, and remain an active participant of the global growth of Human Capital that the information revolution has unleashed. As a collective, we aspire to solve business/humanitarian/societal problems, using our experience and passion for technology. Currently, we have focused our vision and development efforts in Healthcare and Logistics industry, offering finished solutions, business driven innovations and consulting expertise in the digital transformation space. The complementary vertical to our commercial offerings is Onometra R&D, where we focus on exploiting emerging technologies like Machine Learning, Distributed Ledgers and Industrial IoT, in solving challenging problems of exploratory nature in Healthcare and Supply Chain Management. We want to remain a happy group of individuals, tied by a common pursuit of excellence, driven by a common vision of technology, committed to an exciting journey forward.

And yes, we also want to pay the bills for all of us who work at Onometra 😊