A part of Onometra’s core focus is creating digital IP through independent research. We are interested in high value emerging areas of like technology like distributed computing and distributed consensus unsupervised machine learning and cutting edge device integration. Through technical collaborations and joint execution goals with our intelligence partners, a dedicated team at Onometra, is working on problems of exploratory nature. This stream is a continual effort to establish priorities, develop operational definitions and improve the final research design…. Know more


From a boutique development house, our solutions are lovingly crafted and rigorously executed to directly impact the client’s business velocity. They comprise of specialized, domain-specific Ono-Components, embedded in Ono-Fabrik which are created after careful study of the critical pain-points of an enterprise. The Ono-Fabrik based solution along with a low code platform, is then transferred to the enterprise for easy and sustained system lifecycle management. As our client’s trusted business development partners, our custom consulting approach ensures, our delivery is never cookie-cutter… Know more